CIS Tax Refunds

Contractor or subcontractor in construction? You may qualify for a sizable CIS tax rebate. We specialize in maximizing your return, managing paperwork and HMRC negotiations. Let My Rebate handle it, so you can focus on your core work.

What is CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a comprehensive framework implemented in the UK construction industry to regulate the payment procedures for subcontractors. Its purpose is to ensure that subcontractors in the construction sector meet their tax obligations accurately. CIS encompasses a wide range of construction activities undertaken in the UK, such as site preparation, repairs, decoration, and demolition. It is mandatory for most general contractors to register for CIS.


This scheme provides a comprehensive guideline for construction contractors on how to remunerate their subcontractors. Contractors deduct a portion of the subcontractor’s payment and submit it directly to HMRC, which is utilised to fulfil the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance obligations. Currently, the CIS tax rate stands at 20%, ensuring contributions towards tax and social security. By adhering to the CIS rules, contractors contribute to the efficient administration of taxation and enable subcontractors to meet their financial obligations with ease.


Let’s imagine you earn £20,000 per year under CIS. After your contractor deducts 20% for tax purposes, £4,000 is sent to HMRC. When you submit your self-assessment, considering the non-taxable threshold of £12,500 and work-related expenses of £3,000, your taxable income becomes £4,500. This means you may be eligible for a CIS Tax Rebate of around £2,500 to £3,000, representing the difference between the tax deducted by your contractor and your actual tax liability for the year.

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What costs can my CIS tax rebate cover?

A CIS tax refund reduces taxable income by covering work-related expenses. My Rebate’s experts identify eligible expenses, shielding you from confusion and HMRC inquiries. These expenses may include:

Travel costs



Parking fees

Insurance fees

Home/Office bills

The 3 simple step process

Speak to our team to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Our team of expert accountants will take care of all the paperwork.

You will receive your money back directly into your bank.

What are the associated fees?

Our CIS tax refund service including a tax return is £300 +VAT. Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our team takes care of building and submitting your claim, ensuring you receive every entitlement you deserve. We even handle all of the paper work on your behalf, taking the hassle out of the process for you.

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You'll never lose a penny

Our “No Win, No Fee” policy guarantees you won’t be charged if we can’t secure your tax rebate. We’re dedicated to delivering results, and our fees only apply upon successful claims. Trust us with your claim – you have nothing to lose, and we work tirelessly to maximize your chances of success.